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The Basic Training starts every three months and teaches 30 young adults in tech, design and business. If you were born in Turkana or have lived here for three continuous years we are looking forward to your application. Please read the application rules and form carefully before sending it to us at

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learning lions is located in lodwar, turkana county, kenya.
applications can be send to our postal address
and tests and interviews take place locally.

qualified students

"I am grateful to learning lions for helping me realize my dreams."

derrick nginya

graphic designer and it coach

meet the lions

over 100 young adults have already gone through the basic training.
see what they have to say


Peris Samoei

Graphic Designer

Hello, am Peris Samoei 25 years old from Lodwar. I receive an opportunity to join learning lion’s basic training where I learned so many things which is applicable in life. Later, when I join advance track I develop interest in design. I also got empowered through TechDada girl’s empowerment. Now, am into IT and I want to build a career in it. Thank you learning lions for granting me this rare opportunity!


abraham enomatt


Hi, I am Abraham Enomatt, 20, from Lodwar. I have always been passionate about computers. I wanted to be a video director and a photographer, but due to lack of school fees, I never went to college. I have just joined the Learning Lions Advanced Training as a programmer, though I still practice photography and filming which I love. Ideally, I would like to make a living as a software engineer. I hope Learning Lions continues in Turkana to help improve young peoples’ lives, like it did mine. Thank you!


joan awour


Hi, I am Joan Awour, 20, from Kisumu but raised and went to school in Lodwar. Growing up I always wanted to be a nurse, but one day my dream changed when I saw my uncle using a computer. When I got the opportunity of joining Learning Lions, I was very excited. I learned both technical and soft skills. Now I want to be among the best web designers in the world. From a shy girl to a confident lady I thank Learning Lions and Tech Dada - the girls empowerment program at Learning Lions. Thank you for the opportunity!




My name is Mourine Apuu, I am 24 years old and I am from Lodwar. Growing up in Turkana as a young woman and a mother is not so easy but I had my dreams of one day empowering my fellow ladies in my community through education. I had lost hope when I could not afford to finish school. I was lucky to join Learning Lions. I went through the intensive 3 months training at the centre and gladly joined the Learning Lions Advanced Training as an assistant teacher in digital photography, web design and music production. Thank you!




Hi my name is Derrick Nginya, am 25 years old from Lodwar. A few years ago I was not sure about my future but I loved graphic design, since I could not afford to go to school I decided to join Learning Lions program after I passed the interviews. At the centre I loved graphic design classes and I learned a lot in the entire course. I want to be a great graphic designer in Kenya, currently I am an assistant IT coach and I am grateful to Learning Lions for helping me realize my dreams. Now I am sure of my future!




Hi, I’m Kevin Nakwawi from Lodwar, 23. I am passionate about graphic design and music. At Learning Lions I used software that helped change my interest into skills. I later joined the Advanced Training to specialise in graphic design, and now am in an environment that helps me practice. Later I want to start my own business in graphic design and music production. Learning Lions has helped young people to be a part of a good course and avoid idleness and engaging in crimes. Thank you, Learning Lions!




Hi, I am Emuria Elvis from Lodwar, Learning Lions have given me a learning environment and a great opportunity to explore my talents and skills. I’m a 3D Artist and Motion Graphics Designer and with the skills I have gained, I’m now working as a freelancer. I will be forever grateful to Learning Lions for the skills and opportunity they gave me. Thank you Learning Lions!

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