Donation Packages

Thank you for supporting: You can either DONATE, or VOLUNTEER, for help.

$5 Thank you!

Thank you!!! For believing in us and expressing it! Every contribution is a great encouragement and we will tweet you our gratitude (please provide us with your twitter handle)!!

$15 Online tutorial!

Cheers!!! Have one drink less this weekend to support a young Lion in need! $15 represents the cost for an online tutorial, the basis of a Learning Lion’s education. Thank you for making it happen! Give us your email address and get an autographed team picture ;)

$50 Expert training for 25 Lions!

With $50 you offer an expert training to a class of 25 young Lions. This will make the difference for them! We will send you a range of beautiful Turkana pictures, taken here at the end of the world by Kono, our in-house professional photographer and Photoshop specialist. The pictures are in high resolution and ready for printing, even in very large poster format – a great way to bring a touch of Africa to your living room!

$100 Software License for a year!

With $100 we can buy a software license. This is the cornerstone of the professional training of the young Lions. As most licenses last a year, your donation will serve at least 3 generations of Lions... Thank you so much!!! In Africa, Kenyans are known for their creativity and humor... Get a set of poetic and funny e-cards to communicate with your friends and beloved ones in an original way.

$250 Hire a teacher for a month!

With $250 we can hire a local teacher for a month - the learning curve of the Lions will skyrocket! Thank you for making this possible!!! You rock!! Your name will be featured in our official thank you video & you get all the perks above!

$500 Offer a complete workstation!

With $500 we can provide a complete workstation to be used by several classes of young Lions. Thank you for being such a great supporter of the young Lions, and believing in them to build Africa’s future! A change in Africa is possible!!! The Learning Lions coffee table book featuring the story of our pioneering program and its social impact in illustrations & pictures will be send to your home. If you wish so, you can obviously get all the other perks above, too!

$850 Change one's life!

With 850$ you are changing the life of a young Lion by fully sponsoring his three-month training at Learning Lions! Thank you for your extremely generous commitment for somebody you don’t even know yet! You will forever feature on our webpage as the sponsor of a young Lion! You will also receive a personal thank you note from him together with an autographed Learning Lions coffee table book. If you would also care for any of the other perks please just let us know!

$2,500 Invest in R&D!

With $2.500 you permit the development & improvement of online tutorials which will benefit every new generation of Lions. They are the basis of our program, and thanks to you they will constantly be updated to remain at the highest standard! You will forever feature on our webpage as a generous donor! To express our gratitude you will receive an original pencil drawing from one of our artists here. Also, we will send you the Learning Lions coffee table book and any other perk if you wish so!

$5,000 Angel Donor Wall recognition!

Your incredibly generous donation of $5000 permits us to invest in 10 computers, enabling 30 Lions to benefit from training every year. This means that in 10 years 300 (!) Lions will have the professional skills to work& make a living in their home region. Your name will forever be written on the Angel Donor Wall of the ICT Center in Turkana, Kenya! You will be invited to the inauguration of the ICT Center and receive the Learning Lions coffee table book, along with any other perk you like!

$10,000 Computer lab named after you!

With $10.000 we can construct a high tech computer lab, enabling 500 young Lions to be trained in a period of 10 years. This will have a significant long lasting impact on the entire region, as many generations of Lions will be out of poverty thanks to this! They will be able to help their families and relatives, and develop a strong& healthy economic foundation for their entire community. We look forward to welcome you at the inauguration of the ICT Center! Expect an email from us very soon!