The Challenge

Empowering Africa's youth is one of the most pressing challenges facing the African continent today. The youth represent over 75% of the population and although many African countries are experiencing an economic boom, youth employment in Africa is at a crisis stage.

In the past decades, great strides have been made in providing access to education, but not much has been done to match this with providing equal access to employment. While African youth are attaining higher education levels than ever before, 40 millions of people under the age of 25 are currently out of work. By 2050, they will be 400 million to be in need of sustainable employment. (Source: African Economic Outlook)

The youth from impoverished rural areas are the most directly affected. These regions often have poor infrastructure, limited access to markets and infertile soil that do not permit the development of a sustainable economy. There is consequently little opportunity for the youth to find a job and move beyond subsistence livelihoods in their home region. It causes often serious complications that haunt the African continent: misery, mass immigration, violence, extremism, etc.

Internet access & rise of ICT sector


IT skills and tools


Job opportunities

even in the most remote areas


Founding Team

The founding team is fully invested to Learning Lions and is long term committed. Importantly most of the team has relocated to Turkana, Kenya.


Charlotte has a double degree in economy and a master in History of Art. She worked the last 5 years in the contemporary art world. Since September 2015 she is based in Turkana and full time involved in the project. She is happily married to Wilhelm


Antonius has a Business Administration background and has been working the past five years in Sales and Logistics. Since September 2015 he is based in Turkana and full time involved in the project. He is a music passionate and closely connected to the local culture.


Brizan Were is the project local director. A teacher by profession, he has 10 years teaching experience and worked with the youths at various levels .He has a diploma in human resource management and currently enrolled as an undergraduate student taking business management course.


Wilhelm has a Business Administration degree from the University of St. Gallen (HSG) and holds a Certificate in Global Social Entrepreneurship from the Haas School of Business, University of California Berkley. He worked the last 6 years in the consumer goods industry. Since September 2015 he is based in Turkana and full time involved in the project. He is happily married to Charlotte.


He is an ICT industry expert with a decade of sales and management experience in Australia, US, CEE and Europe at IBM and SAP, and now also founder of a Berlin-based strategic negotiation solution provider. He studied information technology in Sydney, and is passionate about using technology and private enterprise to drive development. Edward leads the business development and sales activities at Startup Lions.


Benedikt Wahler has more than fifteen years of professional experience in banking & finance and strategy consulting, including building up the business for a top 4 strategy consultant in Sub-Saharan Africa for four years (based in Nigeria) and driving major financial inclusion projects (incl. for World Bank, IFC, Gates). With degrees from Germany’s leading banking university and Johns Hopkins University SAIS, he also served on the board of Europe’s leading e-commerce software provider and co-managed investment projects of EUR 3.5bn.


Ludwig started out early in the IT world co-founding his first internet startup at the age of 18. He later studied political science and law. In the last 5 years he worked on several relief and development projects with a special focus on East Africa. Since 2014 he’s been building up the Startup Lions project, managing the first experimental pilot Learning Lions course in 2015.


The focus of Tunapanda is comprised of in-house technical, professional, and business training services equipping young people with the skills to solve local and global issues. Tunapanda is Learning Lions well-experienced partner and in charge for the design of the 3 month Basic Training.

Startup Lions enables talented and skilled Lions to start their own startup by providing them with the necessary funds and tools. Startup Lions supports the development of the young digital startups by providing the Lions with sales assistance and a standardized back office , reliable internet connection in a friendly campus like environment in our ICT center. The Lions are encouraged to continuously improve their skills by offering formation with IT professionals from around the world.