Our mission

Learning Lions is a non-profit organization founded in Turkana county (Kenya) focused on the selection, education and training of young adults in order to gift them with high value skills in the areas of:- Software development, Graphic Design and Media Production.

The ultimate goal of Learning Lions is to reduce the high unemployment rate in impoverished rural areas of Eastern Africa and enable talented and motivated young adults to work and live a better life full of perspective in their region of origin. Ultimately, Learning Lions with the help of Startup Lions should provide young adults the tools for entrepreneurship and lead them to economic independence.

This is especially relevant in rural areas such as Turkana County (North Kenya) where usual sources of income such as agriculture or manufacturing are extremely limited due to infertile soil and poor infrastructure. But with the chance of having internet access! The skills taught by Learning Lions in combination with the possibility to market them online (Startup Lions), perfectly respond to a growing demand for simple ICT and Media tasks for the regional and international markets and the growing awareness of (corporate) social responsibility.



The Basic training

Learning Lions offers the students a structured learning plan with a specific time-frame and clear learning objectives. In the first 3 months learning period they undergo a curriculum, developed by our partner organization Tunapanda aimed to take people with little or no computer skills to a comparable level of young adults in the developed world who had much earlier access to computers. Each student is personally supported and involved in monitoring his learning progress assessed throughout the training period via examinations.

In order to be eligible for promotion to the next level, and to start a 3 months internship at Startup Lions, he must pass a final examination successfully. Courses are delivered by a combination of local and overseas teachers seconded via university partnerships (i.e. students who have completed their studies), volunteer programs and corporate CSR programs (i.e. professionals seeking short-term sabbaticals).Another very important aspect of this training are the soft skills. Communication, Teamwork, Time management and presentation skills are boosted.

The Advance training

Those students who performed well in the basic training are then invited to stay on campus as trainees. They will use code academy and similar courses to advance on their skills. Additional to that, they are grouped in teams of 3 to 10 members, for instructor-led task-based learning. Thanks to the help of volunteers, trainees learn how to deliver against a client’s objective within a specific time frame and collect feedback on the quality of their work and project management ability. Trainees also build up a portfolio of references showcasing their quality. This will set the foundation for their path to entrepreneurship and will help them to set up their own little business in a subsequent step with Startup Lions.

The Discipline Taught include:

  • Software Development
  • MObile Application Development
  • Web Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Database module SQL
  • Digital Video and Film Production (Adobe preimire, After Effect)
  • Digital Sound and Music Production(Cubase, Adobe Audition)
  • Robotics(Arduino,Raspberry Pi)




Hi my name is Anastanciah Egialan, I come from kalokol, Turkana County. I am 20 years old. I joined Learning Lions after I failed to start a business that would have helped me go to college. I love designing websites and music production. Right now I am improving my web design skills in the Learning Lions Advance Track and have become more confident and positive attitude towards life, in future I still want to be a Web Designer and create my own company, Thank you Learning Lions for gift of knowledge and skills!



My name is Mourine apuu, I am 24 years old and I am from Lodwar. Growing up in Turkana as a young woman and a mother is not so easy but I had my dreams of one day empowering my fellow ladies in my community through education. I had lost hope when I could not afford to finish school. I was lucky to join Learning Lions. I went through the intensive 3 months training at the centre and gladly joined the Learning Lions Advanced Track as an assistant teacher in digital photography, web Design and music production. Thank you!



Hi my name is Derrick Nginya, am 25 years old from Lodwar. A few years ago I was not sure about my future but I loved graphics Design, since I could not afford to go to school I decided to join Learning Lions program after I passed the interviews. At the centre I loved graphic design classes and I learned a lot in the entire course. I want to be a great graphic designer in Kenya, currently I am an assistant IT coach and I am grateful to Learning Lions for helping me realize my dreams and now am sure of my future!



Hi my name is Joan Awour, am 20 years old I come from Kisumu but raised and went to school in Lodwar. At a young age I always wanted to be a nurse but one day my dream changed when I saw my uncle using a computer i wanted to know everything about computers and when i got the opportunity of joining Learning Lions, I got so excited. I learned both Technical and soft skills and now I want to be among the best Web Designers in the world and from a shy girl to a confident lady I give thanks to Learning Lions and to TechDada a girls empowerment program in Learning Lions. Thank you for the opportunity!



Hi my name is Abraham Enomatt, am 20 years old I come from Lodwar, I have always been passionate about computers but growing up I wanted to be a video director and a photographer but due to lack of school fees I never went to college, Learning Lions gave me scholarship and I got to study and gain experience with computers after I graduated I joined the Learning Lions Advanced Track as a programmer, I still love photography and filming but now I want to be a software engineer and make money, I am praying Learning Lions continues staying in Turkana to help improve young peoples lives like it deed mine. Thank you!



Hi my name is Anna Wanjiku, am 22 years old from Lodwar. Before joining Learning Lions I wanted to attend college and study Accounts but due to family issues my dreams where lost, so I joined Learning Lions Program in 2016 and my curiosity for computers grew, I tried to learn everything and acquire Web Design skills and business skills, now am passionate about IT and business, currently am an assistant IT coach and Web Designer at Learning Lions and I also got empowered through TechDada girls empowerment program. I can know support my family and myself, Thank you Learning Lions!



Hi my name is Kevin Nakwawi, I come from Lodwar, am 23 years old. I am passionate about Graphic Designs and music but before I joined Learning Lions I volunteered at the diocese of Lodwar as a secretary and designer. I always wanted to learn more on Graphic Design and music production and at Learning Lions I saw my dreams coming true, I later joined the Advanced Track to specialise in Graphic Design and am happy to say that right now am in an environment that helps me work hard and look at the future in a positive way, later I want to start my own business in Graphic Design and music. Learning Lions has helped youth be apart of a good course and avoid idleness and engaging in crimes, Thank you Learning Lions!



Hi my name is Eric Otieno, am 31 years old from Lodwar. I learned how to draw with colours from help of my friends. I had always enjoyed it until i joined Learning Lions, my perspective of design changed and I developed an interest in 3D Design, using blender software was cool because I got to create my designs from scratch, now am specializing in 3D Design in the Learning Lions Advanced Track, in future I want to be a great 3D Animator and create my own advertisement company, I will be forever grateful to Learning Lions for the skills and opportunity they gave me, right now I only see a bright future after losing so much hope and time!