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Learning Lions is a non-profit organization enabling young adults in impoverished rural areas of Eastern Africa to work, and to live a life full of opportunity while remaining in their home area.

The students are equipped with IT and media skills and are then encouraged to become entrepreneurs. Through selling digital services online they become self-sustaining and can even employ new cohorts of trainees.

In 2015 we started off in Turkana county, North Kenya, where traditional sources of income are extremely limited due to infertile soil and poor infrastructure.


from education to entrepreneurship

Our program is structured into three subsequent units: "Learning Lions" trains talented and motivated young adults with high value skills in the areas of programming, graphic design and media production.

The students from the educational program are then invited to stay on campus as trainees of "Digital Lions", our fair-trade IT-outsourcing agency. Here, they start working with international customers and gather hands-on business experience.

When the Lions feel confident in the contact with clients, the incubator "Startup Lions" provides them with the necessary funds and tools so that they can launch their own start-up and become economically independent.

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teaching approach

Basic Training

Learning Lions offers its students a structured learning plan with a fixed time-frame and clear learning objectives developed in close cooperation with our experienced partner Tunapanda. The training takes place at our campus in Lodwar, Turkana, where the students are also accommodated.

One important aspect of the 3-month training is to build the students’ computer skills and bring them to a level comparable to that of young adults in the developed world. Beyond that, students are trained in skills such as communication, teamwork and time management and gain their first insights into the different areas in which they can specialise in the Advanced Training.


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"I will be forever grateful to Learning Lions for the skills and opportunity they gave me."

eric otieno

3D designer